Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Cool weather is here for the first time in a while now. I get to wear jeans. Hooray. I'm sure our fall will last approximately 2 weeks, followed by bitter cold. Ugh. Well, as long as it holds out for next week's FSU/Miami game, I'll be happy. Though I have to say, I'll be sad to see all the college girls put away their skimpy shorts in favor of jeans. Sigh...

Yeah, so the White House went way too far in their leaking of info on a CIA agent, which was supposedly done as payback for ratting out their lie on the uranium thing a few months back. God, if this administration could be any more dirty, I can't see how.

In uh, other CIA news, it looks like they are developing a video game for their staff to use and train for catching terrorists. Uhh...alright I guess, it worked for the Army. Oh wait, the army made it public. Hmmm...

On the other side of the intelligence aisle, the FBI is subpoena-ing journalists, making them turn over their notes and emails and sources. How is all this possible? Say it with me now...the PATRIOT Act. Jesus, really, I can't think of anything more evil in the history of American legislation than this thing. Ugh.

Ok, this is just disgusting (but not surprising, given that it IS Texas) - the state fair has introduced new fried foods, including: "fried Oreo cookies, fried candy bars, and fried cheese curds". I think I'm going to be sick...

Alright, some fun stuff to end this post:
- A cool card game called RSVP that is more fun than it first looks - The ultimate battle: Megaman vs. Metroid. Wayyy too much time on your hands there kiddo.

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