Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Wow, it's October already. This is generally a good month - Halloween, cooler weather, football and all of that. Last year wasn't though, cuz that's when I came || close to getting sued by Fox News. See, I had and, well, I parodied their site a bit too much (they say plagerized...tomato/tomatoe) and they threatened to sue if I didn't shut it down. What really sucked was that I had a real serious following going with it, coming close to (without any promotion) nearly 4,000 visitors a day in less than 2 months online. But oh well, cest la vie. The domain is still under my name I think, but I just hope someone else besides them snatches it when it DOES expire...

So, we all know about this CIA leak thing. But what if it had been Clinton who was behind it? That's what this op-ed hypothesizes about, if this had happened under his watch. Yeah, I'm SURE the Right would have torn him to itty bitty shreds. But where is the outcry now towards Bush? Aside from partisanship, there isn't any. That's insane of course, but then again we seem to only care about Presidential behavior if its more of the Jerry Springer variety, not the C-SPAN type.

I'm sure Karl Rove isn't behind all of this. No way. He'd have to like, have a track record of doing stuff like this or something.

Hehe, I love Moby. He's so clever in his slamming of the RIAA. I guess they don't realize how much artists depend on other artists for music...

A nice little article (heh) for all of you unemployed folks out there

Lastly, let's all thank David Bradley. He is the man who invented CTRL + ALT + DELETE for Windows. God bless you David, you've put down many an OS out of its misery.

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