Articles are no longer being added to this site. Click here for more info. Baaaa baby, all baaaa is about me writing columns. There, that's it, summed up.

At first was a place for me to complain about things. But I got tired of that, what with the short little blurbs and all. Now, the main focus of the site is simple: give me MORE of a place to complain, by opening it up to daily columns about any subject that might catch my attention that day. What's the point in doing this? Well, it shows that my interests are broad and also lets me showcase my various abilities in writing, through both humor and serious opinions. Let me know how I am doing by commenting on the stories. That's what the comment boxes are there for, to get visitors involved in the site. I kept the design simple but the content rich to make this easier to accomplish.

And as I add more and more articles, the search engines will find more and more content of various types on my site, which will bring in more of said visitors and hopefully grow this site into a quite interesting little forum on the web. Granted, this will take a lot of effort from me to crank out more content than I have ever done in my short life but I think I will be up to the task. Will anyone read it? Who knows. It's worth a shot and is by far my most ambitious undertaking.

So dig into the site, enjoy yourself, comment and read, that's the point. Enjoy.

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