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Alright folks, here's the deal. I have lost my bandwidth provider for the mp3s on the site, as my previous host is no longer a viable option due to his own private dilemmas. If you will remember, the server I was on before switching over to (where the site was until 7/11 around 2PM) was not reliable in that the connection was slow and the bandwidth was extremely limited. Thus going back to this system is not an option.

So where does that put things? Well, there are three choices: someone else hosts the files, I raise enough to pay the bandwidth bill or I shut the whole thing down. Now, I've tried the "miracle host" before and this quite simply does not work. So that option is not likely to be much more viable right now either. Then we have shutting the whole thing down. Well this isn't exactly a good idea because I like providing the best TMBG archive on the Net, but without any bandwidth then this is what has to happen - keep in mind we are just talking about the mp3s, the rest of the site would remain as it is, but there wouldn't be anymore files. Finally we have donations.

The FTP for the site uses between 500k-1mb per second of traffic every day, for a total of roughly 200GB transfered a month. That's a pretty good amount folks, and is something that a cable modem or DSL connection couldn't even hope to offer. The site was previously on an OC-8 connection, which proved plenty fast and able to handle it, but I was fortunate in not having to pay for the hosting or bandwidth personally. This is not the case anymore.

I have spoken with a friend of mine who owns a hosting company. She is willing to waive the setup fee and cost for server space (3GB currently) if I were to join up with her company. For the amount of bandwidth the site needs, the bill for file hosting would be $300 a month. Now, I don't have that kind of money and I don't think many of you do either. But this is what the costs are and after having looked around for more options or better rates, I have been unable to find anything better that also has the space for all the files on the site. So what I'm asking for now is donations.

It doesn't have to be a lot of money that you donate, even $10 would do. But I need a lot of you to do it. I am only willing to bring the files back up if I can cover the cost of 1 year of hosting right off the bat. This means that, from you and other visitors, I must raise $3600.

Now I don't want to just leave an open ended bucket for your donations, I need a timeline on this (since people who give want to get something from their money, even if we don't make the $3600). That's why I will accept donations in the Save BLTBM project until August 12th. If we do not hit the $3600 mark by that time, I will consider the mp3s officially gone for good.

What do you get for your donation? All I can offer is solid, reliable, and very very fast connection speeds for downloading. If we do manage to raise the $3600, then this will be guarenteed for 1 year and possibly longer if we raise more than that.

I've set up an Amazon Honor System payment account for those of you who wish to donate. The limit is $50, but if you would like to give more than that then please just donate more than once. If we do not have the $3600 by August 12th but we do have some payments, I will refund everyone their money automatically. If you are interested in doing a PayPal payment instead, please contact me and we can work something out. Amazon was chosen for their simple way of refunding money.

Please, if you want to see this site continue then please donate something. I hate to have to close the site but I really don't have much choice.

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