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I used to have a TON of email address up here that all went to the same place, but were sorted differently. Well, that got confusing. So, from now on, please send all of your email to

Please read the FAQ page first though before sending a question. If you'd like to contact me instantly, I do regularly use ICQ. My number is 670140, but I require authorization. Please state your purpose and 99.99999% of the time I will authorize you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1 - Can you email me xxxx mp3?
Answer - No. Don't even bother sending me this question

Question #2 - Can I trade you something for an mp3?
Answer - Yes, but I have over 6200 mp3s right now, and have very discriminating tastes, not to burst your bubble :)

Question #3 - If I have a song you don't, how can I give it to you?
Answer - FTP into (port 21) with the username/password of tmbg. Once there, upload any songs that you don't see listed on my page. They should appear on the web soon after I get them.

Question #4 - Can I link to your songs off of my site?
Answer - NO! If enough leechers start doing it, I will shut the site down.

Question #5 - Do you know how to contact They Might Be Giants personally?
Answer - No. Check the official site for contact info, though I doubt that you will find anything more than fan club info.

Question #6 - How did you get your songs? That must have been a lot of ripping...
Answer - Every song on this site came from other fans personal collection. None of this content is mine, but instead visitors like you. I claim no responsibility for the quality of the files, as given the nature of the songs, the quality suffers sometimes (recording off a record player or the phone is not an easy task.)

Question #7 - When do you post songs? Do you dish them out in chunks?
Answer - No. Whenever possible, I check the upload directory of my FTP site to see if anyone has upped anything. Then, the next day (or Monday if it happens on the weekend) I will post the files. What you see on the mp3 page is what I have, I don't believe in holding back anything.

Question #8 - What do you use to do your site?
Answer - The site is powered by Cold Fusion, a dynamic programming language that works with HTML. Due to it's nature, if you view the source, it looks like a lot of hand done code. Nope. Cold Fusion pages source is not viewable, but I can basically sum it up like this: The songs are being pulled from a database that only spits out what is in that database. So, I code like 5 lines of HTML/Cold Fusion, and it displays 25 songs, based on their record count in the database. The NEXT and PREVIOUS links tell the database to jump to the next set. Anyways, it could get much more technical, but all I really wanted to get across is it isn't as much work as it seems like.

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