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What is a web page without a page of links to somewhere else? And this one is no different. The links below are to other key They Might Be Giants sites, and a few other mp3 sites. Plus, quite a few shameless plugs to my other sites.

They Might Be Giants - The official Giants site. Filled with some neato-keen merchandise and (fairly) updated news. - Part of the official site, this one has much more updated news than the other, but is essentially a link page.

Dial-A-Song - The (in)famous Dial-A-Song is online now officially here. Plays one song that changes every two weeks or so. The good news is, no more busy signals. The bad news: Net traffic. - Unofficial fan site. Anything and everything Giant can be found here, including a Johns coloring book. A must visit for obsessive fans everywhere.

They Might Be Giants Concert Recording Archive - Been to a concert? Want a tape of that concert? Chances are, this site can hook you up.

THEY: The website - A pretty cool looking fellow fan site. Unfortunately, he only links to stuff really, so the content is a little weak.

#TMBG IRC on EFNet - Home of the IRC gang that hangs out in #tmbg on EFNet (as the name implies). They got some cool stuff, especially in the 'sounds' section. They are one of the only sites I have ever seen to offer the bootleg album "Dr. Spocks Backup Band". Well, well worth a visit.

TDK's They Might Be Giants Page - THE place to go for live TMBG songs, and part of the reason I put up my page. Check him out, he has a live version of practically(if not all) TMBG songs.

Wompedy TMBG Website - For over three years, Wompedy has been offering up unique content, in a very slick layout. Has a downloadable game, sound files, trivia and a whole bunch more.

Emusic: TMBG - They sell albums in mp3 format. Have all the John's albums, plus Long Tall Weekend, an mp3 only TMBG album. Corporate, but you have to give them credit for making the effort to seem user friendly.

We Might Be Giants Too! - A page selling a compilation CD of TMBG covers. If you don't feel like coughing up 10 bucks, they have most of the songs in mp3 format.

They Might Be Giants Video Bootleg Project - As the name suggests, a site that sells video tapes of TMBG live performances and stuff.

They Might Be Midi - MIDI's of almost every TMBG song you could ask for. Very cool.

Other Stuff

Holographic Communications - My employer and the gracious site host. I work as a web designer there, doing all kinds of crazy neat stuff - My baby. This is what I spend most of my free time (haha) developing and tweaking on. It's mostly a personal site, but also a gallery, a place for my writings, designs and other stuff. I may piss off a few people, but I view as my source of freedom of expression and speech.

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